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Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B) (1 Pack)


货号 DY999
简介 8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B
供应商 R&D Systems
R&D Systems personnel manually curate a database that contains references using R&D Systems products. The data collected includes not only links to publications in PubMed, but also provides information about sample types, species, and experimental conditions.

Regulation of C3 Activation by the Alternative Complement Pathway in the Mouse Retina
PLoS ONE, 2016;11(8):e0161898.
Species: Mouse
Sample Type: Plasma

Bone marrow-derived macrophages from aged rats are more responsive to inflammatory stimuli.
Authors: Barrett J, Costello D, O'Sullivan J, Cowley T, Lynch M
J Neuroinflammation, 2015;12(0):67.
Species: Rat
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates

Mechanism of the antigen-independent cytokinergic SPE-7 IgE activation of human mast cells in vitro.
Authors: Bax H, Bowen H, Dodev T, Sutton B, Gould H
Sci Rep, 2015;5(0):9538.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates

Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor in Acute Adipose Tissue Inflammation.
Authors: Kim B, Rongisch R, Hager S, Grieb G, Nourbakhsh M, Rennekampff H, Bucala R, Bernhagen J, Pallua N
PLoS ONE, 2015;10(9):e0137366.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates

A C-terminal HSP90 inhibitor restores glucocorticoid sensitivity and relieves a mouse allograft model of Cushing disease.
Authors: Riebold M, Kozany C, Freiburger L, Sattler M, Buchfelder M, Hausch F, Stalla G, Paez-Pereda M
Nat Med, 2015;21(3):276-80.

An automated method for determining the cytoadhesion of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes to immobilized cells.
Authors: Hempel C, Boisen I, Efunshile A, Kurtzhals J, Staalso T
Malar J, 2015;14(0):112.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Whole Cells

Innate immunity drives the initiation of a murine model of primary biliary cirrhosis.
Authors: Chang C, Chen Y, Zhang W, Leung P, Gershwin M, Chuang Y
PLoS ONE, 2015;10(3):e0121320.
Species: Mouse
Sample Type: Serum

Crucial role of IL1beta and C3a in the in vitro-response of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells to inflammatory mediators of polytrauma.
Authors: Hengartner N, Fiedler J, Schrezenmeier H, Huber-Lang M, Brenner R
PLoS ONE, 2015;10(1):e0116772.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates

Upregulated interleukin-21 receptor on B cells associated with the downregulation of IgE in patients with allergic rhinitis.
Authors: Jen, Hsiao-Yu, Yang, Yao-Hsu, Chiang, Bor-Luen, Chuang, Ya-Hui
J Interferon Cytokine Res, 2015;35(1):42-8.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Cell culture medium

Non-Human Primates Harbor Diverse Mammalian and Avian Astroviruses Including Those Associated with Human Infections.
Authors: Karlsson E, Small C, Freiden P, Feeroz M, Matsen F, San S, Hasan M, Wang D, Jones-Engel L, Schultz-Cherry S
PLoS Pathog, 2015;11(11):e1005225.

Dimerization is not a determining factor for functional high affinity human plasminogen binding by the group A streptococcal virulence factor PAM and is mediated by specific residues within the PAM a1a2 domain.
Authors: Bhattacharya S, Liang Z, Quek A, Ploplis V, Law R, Castellino F
J Biol Chem, 2014;289(31):21684-93.
Species: Human
Sample Type: protein

Detection of antibodies against Turkey astrovirus in humans.
Authors: Meliopoulos V, Kayali G, Burnham A, Oshansky C, Thomas P, Gray G, Beck M, Schultz-Cherry S
PLoS ONE, 2014;9(5):e96934.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Serum

Latent TGF-beta binding protein 4 promotes elastic fiber assembly by interacting with fibulin-5.
Authors: Noda K, Dabovic B, Takagi K, Inoue T, Horiguchi M, Hirai M, Fujikawa Y, Akama T, Kusumoto K, Zilberberg L, Sakai L, Koli K, Naitoh M, von Melchner H, Suzuki S, Rifkin D, Nakamura T
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2013;110(8):2852-7.
Species: Mouse
Sample Type: protein in buffer

Shedding of c-Met ectodomain correlates with c-Met expression in non-small cell lung cancer.
Authors: Fu, Le, Guo, Wei, Liu, Bingshan, Sun, Linlin, Bi, Zhenghon, Zhu, Li, Wang, Xinyan, Liu, Bin, Xie, Qian, Li, Ke
Biomarkers, 2013;18(2):126-35.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates

A novel role for insulin resistance in the connection between obesity and postmenopausal breast cancer.
Authors: Weichhaus M, Broom J, Wahle K, Bermano G
Int. J. Oncol., 2012;41(2):745-52.

The role of alveolar epithelial cells in initiating and shaping pulmonary immune responses: communication between innate and adaptive immune systems.
Authors: Chuquimia OD, Petursdottir DH, Rahman MJ, Hartl K, Singh M, Fernandez C
PLoS ONE, 2012;7(2):e32125.

A Monoclonal Antibody-GDNF Fusion Protein Is Not Neuroprotective and Is Associated with Proliferative Pancreatic Lesions in Parkinsonian Monkeys.
Authors: Ohshima-Hosoyama S, Simmons HA, Goecks N
PLoS ONE, 2012;7(6):e39036.

Influence of galectin-9/Tim-3 interaction on herpes simplex virus-1 latency.
Authors: Reddy PB, Sehrawat S, Suryawanshi A
J. Immunol., 2011;187(11):5745-55.
Species: Mouse
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates

Combined Flt3L/TK gene therapy induces immunological surveillance which mediates an immune response against a surrogate brain tumor neoantigen.
Authors: King GD, Muhammad AK, Larocque D
Mol. Ther., 2011;19(10):1793-801.

Adiponectin inhibits leptin signalling via multiple mechanisms to exert protective effects against hepatic fibrosis.
Authors: Handy JA, Fu PP, Kumar P
Biochem. J., 2011;440(3):385-95.
Species: Rat
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates

Decompensated heart failure is associated with reduced corin levels and decreased cleavage of pro-atrial natriuretic peptide.
Authors: Ibebuogu UN, Gladysheva IP, Houng AK
Circ Heart Fail, 2011;4(2):114-20.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Plasma

Apolipoprotein B binding domains: evidence that they are cell-penetrating peptides that efficiently deliver antigenic peptide for cross-presentation of cytotoxic T cells.
Authors: Sakamoto N, Rosenberg AS,
J. Immunol., 2011;186(8):5004-11.

Evaluation of soluble junctional adhesion molecule-A as a biomarker of human brain endothelial barrier breakdown.
Authors: Haarmann A, Deiss A, Prochaska J, Foerch C, Weksler B, Romero I, Couraud PO, Stoll G, Rieckmann P, Buttmann M
PLoS ONE, 2010;5(10):e13568.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Serum

Macrophage migration inhibitory factor anti-thrombin III complexes are decreased in bladder cancer patient serum: Complex formation as a mechanism of inactivation.
Authors: Meyer-Siegler KL, Cox J, Leng L, Bucala R, Vera PL
Cancer Lett., 2010;290(1):49-57.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Plasma

PEGylation of interleukin-10 for the mitigation of enhanced pain states.
Authors: Soderquist RG, Milligan ED, Harrison JA, Chavez RA, Johnson KW, Watkins LR, Mahoney MJ
J Biomed Mater Res A, 2010;93(3):1169-79.
Species: Human
Sample Type: CSF

Enzyme-linked enzyme-binding assay for Pin1 WW domain ligands.
Authors: Mercedes-Camacho AY, Etzkorn FA,
Anal. Biochem., 2010;402(1):77-82.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Peptide in buffer

A novel role for constitutively expressed epithelial-derived chemokines as antibacterial peptides in the intestinal mucosa.
Authors: Kotarsky K, Sitnik KM, Stenstad H, Kotarsky H, Schmidtchen A, Koslowski M, Wehkamp J, Agace WW
Mucosal Immunol, 2010;3(1):40-8.

Systemic immunization with CCL27/CTACK modulates immune responses at mucosal sites in mice and macaques.
Authors: Kraynyak KA, Kutzler MA, Cisper NJ, Khan AS, Draghia-Akli R, Sardesal NY, Lewis MG, Yan J, Weiner DB
Vaccine, 2010;28(8):1942-51.

A role for calcium-calmodulin in regulating nitric oxide production during skeletal muscle satellite cell activation.
Authors: Tatsumi R, Wuollet AL, Tabata K, Nishimura S, Tabata S, Mizunoya W, Ikeuchi Y, Allen RE
Am. J. Physiol., Cell Physiol., 2009;296(4):C922-9.
Species: Rat
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates

Endothelin-converting enzyme-2 is increased in Alzheimer's disease and up-regulated by Abeta.
Authors: Palmer JC, Baig S, Kehoe PG, Love S
Am. J. Pathol., 2009;175(1):262-70.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates

Up-regulated macrophage migration inhibitory factor protects apoptosis of dermal fibroblasts in patients with systemic sclerosis.
Authors: Kim JY, Kwok SK, Hur KH, Kim HJ, Kim NS, Yoo SA, Kim WU, Cho CS
Clin. Exp. Immunol., 2008;152(2):328-35.
Species: N/A
Sample Type: N/A

Soluble ErbB3 levels in bone marrow and plasma of men with prostate cancer.
Authors: Lin SH, Lee YC, Choueiri MB, Wen S, Mathew P, Ye X, Do KA, Navone NM, Kim J, Tu SM, Yu-Lee LY, Logothetis CJ
Clin. Cancer Res., 2008;14(12):3729-36.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates

Nanobacteria are mineralo fetuin complexes.
Authors: Raoult D, Drancourt M, Azza S, Nappez C, Guieu R, Rolain JM, Fourquet P, Campagna B, La Scola B, Mege JL, Mansuelle P, Lechevalier E, Berland Y, Gorvel JP, Renesto P
PLoS Pathog., 2008;4(2):e41.
Species: Human
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates

Soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cell-1 is increased in patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia: a preliminary report.
Authors: Horonenko G, Hoyt JC, Robbins RA, Singarajah CU, Umar A, Pattengill J, Hayden JM
Chest, 2007;132(1):58-63.

Differential gene expression in cultured osteoblasts and bone marrow stromal cells from patients with Paget's disease of bone.
Authors: Naot D, Bava U, Matthews B, Callon KE, Gamble GD, Black M, Song S, Pitto RP, Cundy T, Cornish J, Reid IR
J. Bone Miner. Res., 2007;22(2):298-309.

The effects of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) on in vitro spleen cell proliferation and cytokine production.
Authors: Powell JM, Sonnenfeld G
J. Interferon Cytokine Res., 2006;26(1):34-9.

Selective roles for tumor necrosis factor alpha-converting enzyme/ADAM17 in the shedding of the epidermal growth factor receptor ligand family: the juxtamembrane stalk determines cleavage efficiency.
Authors: Hinkle CL, Sunnarborg SW, Loiselle D, Parker CE, Stevenson M, Russell WE, Lee DC
J. Biol. Chem., 2004;279(23):24179-88.

Human cytomegalovirus-specific CD4+-T-cell cytokine response induces fractalkine in endothelial cells.
Authors: Bolovan-Fritts CA, Trout RN, Spector SA
J. Virol., 2004;78(23):13173-81.
Species: N/A
Sample Type: N/A

ELR+ CXC chemokines in human milk.
Authors: Maheshwari A, Christensen RD, Calhoun DA
Cytokine, 2003;24(3):91-102.

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